About Me

Born and raised in New York City, Roy has his finger on the pulse of the city and has leveraged this deep knowledge to successfully lease space across all 5 boroughs.


In 2012, he joined Vicus Partners, and spent the next 6 years exclusively representing tenants - anticipating the needs of businesses and delivering tailored solutions, many times before they even knew they had a problem. He's assisted clients across industries from startups to companies with a national footprint, and enjoys the end to end process of finding, negotiating, and finalizing a transaction on behalf of a client. In his free time, Roy can be found playing guitar for The U.S. Americans all over the City and Brooklyn.


Roy started his career at ABC Television, Disney Studios, and ESPN after graduating from Binghamton University with a degree in creative writing and music.


Some notable clients include Tal Depot, Medici Living, ASCEL Health, 1/0 Capital, Dainese, Fleishner Potash, The Art of Living, The National Yiddish Theatre, and The Gestalt Center.

115 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

Mobile: (917) 687.9070


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